Talk about Tencent

Talk about Tencent#


Although several major companies in China are actively damaging user goodwill, it was only when I reinstalled the system and reinstalled IM software that I realized that Tencent is the truly disgusting one. It's hard to believe that a company that owns China's two largest social software, QQ and WeChat, with user bases of nearly a billion each, can make their products so difficult to use.

In 2021, they still require users to manually enter a random string of text for account login verification and send it to such a long account. Apart from Netease Mail (which I had the "fortune" of using once), the only company I know of that does this is Tencent, the "internet giant" in China.

Similarly, they forcefully place an unremovable "QQprotect" process on users' computers, and if you disable it, the software will stop working. The company that can do such a thing is also called Tencent.

They default to storing all chat records in the Onedrive documents folder in Windows, automatically syncing them to users' cloud storage, and occupying users' bandwidth and storage space for a long time. This company is also called Tencent. I have tried changing the file storage path through the software's settings, but unfortunately, after testing, as long as you don't manually choose to place it elsewhere during the initial installation, changing the path later will cause the software to crash. Additionally, after customizing the file storage path, there is a high probability of crashing and exiting when accepting the "Save As" file selection. I have not found a solution yet. After trying both the official website version and the Microsoft Store version, and encountering the same issues, I had to give up. Tencent, you win this time.

Talk about Tencent

WeChat, another story#

Not to mention that it is equally intrusive like QQ, automatically syncing files to the documents folder, requiring you to unlock your phone and scan the QR code or verify every time. When I think about these issues, I can't help but wonder if the product managers and executives who make these products that go against user experience and common practices are also using their own or their subordinates' garbage products in their daily lives. Does Ma Huateng have a special internal version of WeChat that he can use? At least if I were the boss of a company, I would never allow someone to create such a terrible product that annoys me every day. Product managers like Zhang Xiaolong, who have a good self-perception, would definitely be the first to be fired by me.

If we compare the behavior of these big companies that disgust users to "feeding users shit," then Ma Huateng is willingly eating shit every day, isn't he? It's sad to think that the lives of wealthy people are not always happy. While they earn money, they also lose their sense of taste. What a pity.

As for the repetitive complaints about these well-known issues, I won't repeat them here. I have been deeply affected by these things but can't completely escape from them. All I can do is vent my frustrations on my blog and seek resonance.

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