How to set up BIMI corporate logo for domain email?

How to set up BIMI company logo for domain email?#

BIMI (Brand Indicator for Message Identification) makes your domain email stand out by adding a company logo to outgoing emails, enhancing authenticity and credibility. This article will guide you on how to achieve this functionality.

In the digital age, email is an important channel for communication between businesses and customers. To showcase brand image and improve email recognition, a technology called BIMI has brought new changes to domain email. BIMI, Brand Indicators for Message Identification, allows you to embed a company logo in emails. This not only enhances the visual recognition of corporate emails but also increases the recipient's trust.

1. Prerequisites#

Before enabling BIMI, please ensure that your domain has DMARC settings. This is the foundation for email authentication and policy reporting, protecting your email from forged sender addresses.

2. Detailed Steps#

  1. Set up DMARC records: Ensure that all relevant SPF and DKIM records have been set up.
  2. Upload Logo: Choose the SVG format and follow requirements for security, file size (recommended not exceeding 32KB), and centered graphics.

3. Important Details#

  1. According to Google's requirements for SVG Logos, the following should be noted:
  • SVG must be in the SVG Tiny Portable/Secure version.
  • The file background should be a solid color, transparent backgrounds may not display correctly.
  • The logo should be square and centered.
  1. In addition to the BIMI standard requirements, Gmail also has the following requirements for BIMI SVG files:
  • The image size must be at least 96 pixels in height and 96 pixels in width.
  • The image size must be specified in absolute pixels. Example: width="96" height="96"
  • Do not use relative sizes to specify image dimensions. Example: width="100%" height="100%"
  1. In addition to meeting these requirements, we also provide the following suggestions for SVG file compatibility with Gmail:
  • The logo image should be centered within a square.
  • The logo image should be displayed on a solid color background. Transparent backgrounds may not display as expected.
  • The SVG file size should not exceed 32 KB.
  • The SVG file should include a element (description) to provide accessibility.

The format of the processed .svg file link should be as follows:


4. Trademark Registration and VMC Certification#

If you want to display logo certification on platforms like Gmail, you need to register your trademark and obtain VMC certification.

5. Add DNS Resolution Records#

Set specific DNS 'TXT' records pointing to your logo file and optional VMC certification address.


6. Conclusion:#

Through BIMI, your emails will become more personalized and professional, attracting the attention of recipients while strengthening your brand image. These simple steps will lead you into a new era of email recognition.


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