About graduation, work, and the future

About Graduation, Work, and the Future#

Hi, nice to meet you ❤️,#

This is Alex Blue. I used to write a lot of blog topics on Todoist, but recently I've been busy with my course project and probably won't have time to write. This article was supposed to be published on the 15th and synchronized on WeChat Official Account and my blog, but I had to make some modifications to the blog content, so it got delayed until now. I want to write a bit about my recent situation here, but to be honest, there's not much to write about.

When I'm alone, I'm a very boring and uninteresting person. I used to say when writing that I hope to meet an interesting soul in the future, but later I realized that my uninteresting self may not be worthy of an interesting soul.

Now, let me talk about this semester. Today is November 17, 2021, and all the courses of this semester have been completed, and the exams are coming to an end. Now I just need to finish the course project to end this semester.

As for job hunting and finding work, we have been preparing since the beginning of the semester. I was nervous, of course, but because I didn't study seriously in my freshman and sophomore years, I had records of failed courses, and even in my senior year, I still had two remaining subjects, which added a lot of obstacles and black marks to my job hunting.

Fortunately, I successfully passed those two remaining subjects in the self-study exams, so I don't have to repeat my fifth year. Although it's a sad thing, it's still worth celebrating the good ending. I want to thank the teachers who taught me knowledge and the classmates and strangers who helped me during my four years of college. I also want to thank the experience and thank myself.

Until now, I have always believed in one sentence, everything is the best arrangement. Which city to go to, what kind of job to do, and what kind of people to meet, everything will be the best arrangement. There is currently a little secret hidden, and I will report this news to everyone after the dust settles.

About My Blog#

As a digital immigrant and a half geek, I naturally tinkered with a series of blog frameworks and built my own personal blog. But the choice of blog platform or framework has always been changing.

The key to this issue is that I constantly learn about various website building tools in my reading and learning. These tools have their own advantages and disadvantages, and I have been struggling with these frameworks for a long time. From the beginning with Hexo, GitHub+Jekyll, to Ghost, Notion, and Yuque, I finally settled my blog on the combination of Netlify+Gatsby.

I also changed my domain from to Of course, I didn't abandon the previous domain because I bought it for five years. Instead, I hosted a Digital Garden built by Logseq. If you haven't heard of Logseq, you can visit their official website to learn more. It's a highly recommended note-taking software.

About Graduation, Work, and the Future

Most people who tinker with blogs end up tinkering with blog themes, and I'm no exception. But I've passed the flashy stage and plan to focus on writing useful things on this new blog. Of course, I still use some tools like Notion and Yuque. Notion is also a space for sharing, and Yuque has become a resource library and information platform. In fact, there are many high-quality authors in Yuque, and they are one of my sources of information.

After briefly sharing my workflow on Bilibili, I found that some friends were interested in it, so I will take some time to write an article introducing my current workflow and provide some references for people who use the same software or have similar needs.

Another Good News#

Some time ago, I received an email from "少数派" (a tech media platform), and they officially granted me the permission to write on Matrix. This is also a very happy news.

I have always been a loyal reader of "少数派". I learn, discuss, and grow in this small but influential community. There are many interesting and knowledgeable people here, who are worth learning from. What's more, I used to think that I was the only one who "likes to tinker", but after joining "少数派", I found that the buddies here also like new things and are interested in digital, technology, games, tools, photography, and other interesting "creatures". Here, I can find a sense of belonging.

Although I'm not good at writing, I am constantly improving through reading and writing. In the future, I may share some of my articles on "少数派". Friends who have an account can come and support me!

About Interviews#

I mentioned earlier that I finally passed the two remaining courses this semester, but what I didn't tell you is that the remaining subjects have a significant impact on job interviews. The large-scale recruitment started around September, and I have also submitted many resumes, but most of them have received no response. In other words, most of my resumes are stuck at the first round of interviews. I had anticipated this situation before, but when it actually happened to me, it was still very upsetting.

I don't want to repeat the clichés and excuses for my incompetence. The fact is that when I first entered school, I didn't have a good attitude towards learning and life, which prevented me from completing the studies and work that a college student should have done. Now, I have my own goals and a more positive attitude towards life. Although the past lows have also affected me, they have also tempered my will. This is what I think now.

As for interviews, I just finished an interview with a company (for certain reasons, I can't reveal the company name). This is a company that I really hope to join, but I didn't perform well in the interview. I feel disappointed in myself because this is the first interview after completing all the courses. So I cherish this hard-won opportunity.

The interviewer is a person with a very good attitude and is great. I can tell from her speech and mannerisms. This gave me a great impression, so I sincerely and wholeheartedly communicated with her. Regardless of whether I can enter this company or not, I think the interviewer will be a great person.

Therefore, I have reflected on and summarized my interview performance:

  • Dress neatly and appropriately. The reason I say this is that I found some students wearing casual clothes for interviews. In a serious job-seeking situation, as the passive party, you must give the interviewer a good impression. So, how to leave a good impression on the interviewer? The first point is to dress neatly and appropriately. Your attire is the first step for the other party to understand you and your professionalism and the importance you attach to the interview. Imagine if the interviewer is wearing jeans and beach pants while asking you questions, would you think this company is reliable?
  • Accumulate professional knowledge. The accumulation of professional knowledge is essentially the embodiment of your learning achievements. Unfortunately, my own study of professional knowledge is not very solid, so I stumbled during the interview. Topics like power plant water purification, wastewater reuse, power plant instrumentation and chemical supervision, and power oil are all subjects I have studied but not fully understood. I have a half-understood level, and combined with the fact that I don't pay much attention to review and recap in my daily life, I don't have an advantage in professional questions, and there may even be deduction points.
  • Adjust the best mindset. If you are participating in an interview for the first time or don't have much interview experience, it will inevitably cause nervousness at the beginning, just like me today. When encountering this situation, it is very important to adjust your mindset, adjust your breathing, reduce nervousness, and minimize the impact of emotions on your interview performance.

About the Future of WeChat Official Account#

In addition, I have picked up my WeChat Official Account, which has been put on hold for a long time. The reason is that I switched to a new editor called "墨滴" (Mdnice), which can automatically convert Markdown to WeChat Official Account articles. I didn't like publishing articles on WeChat Official Account before, partly because of this. I simply don't like the editor of WeChat Official Account, especially for a Markdown user like me. The formatting editor of WeChat Official Account is too time-consuming.

But now, with "墨滴", I can complete an article with the least effort and time. I may also post some things here in the future. In the years of creating this Official Account, I haven't really operated or promoted it. Occasionally, I updated it with my random thoughts and collection of nonsense. In my life, I didn't have a positive attitude either.

Later, I encountered tools and blog platforms that I liked, so I put my WeChat Official Account on hold. Now, I feel that I have found the direction of my life. Although there may be setbacks occasionally, my attitude towards life has changed significantly. A positive attitude is the premise of success, and I hope that my future self can carry what I have learned on this journey and run forward.

Finally, I want to share a great band called "福禄寿 FloruitShow". It's a band formed by three girls, and they have an album called "我用什么把你留住" (What I Use to Keep You). All the songs in it are very pleasant to listen to, and I recommend it to everyone.

"我用什么把你留住" - 福禄寿 FloruitShow

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